Emily - Senior Portraits

Saturday, September 1, 2007 - Seniors
Yesterday, we had the pleasure of photographing Emily for some senior photos. We had done some photos for Cindy, Emily's mom, earlier this year, so she and Emily wanted us to be there for senior time! We brainstormed about where Emily would like to go, either a special place to her or somewhere she frequents, and she came up with the North Museum of Natural History & Science - which is located at the corner of F&M College Campus here in Lancaster. It is literally a block and a half from our house. We walked there for the shoot, met up with Cindy and Emily outside and off we went! Emily was excited because this was one of her favorite places to go with her mom as a kid. We were glad to find some great little nooks and crannies in the museum and ended up with a few shots outside. Emily was a fun teenager to work with, and we asked her why she wanted to use us for her senior portraits (instead of going to the usual people for senior portraits) - and she said it was because she wanted something different. She said none of her friends would have photos like these and she was excited! That's what we love to hear! So here are a few from her session!

First up here, we found a cool reddish-orange elevator we had some fun with.
And I just loved these doors and the light pouring in...
Down in the basement they had aisles and aisles of antique "trophy" type cases, with various "stuffed" animals in them.
Found this hidden in a corner!
Outside we found some more wildlife.
And a beautiful close up of Emily - she had gorgeous eyes!
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