Haydn's 1st Day of Kindergarten!

Friday, August 31, 2007 - Personal
Well I am still working on all of our vacation photos, but I just HAD to get these up now. Tuesday morning at 7:45 AM marked Haydn's official crossing over into the big time - Kindergarten. He is now a cool kid, big guy, and ladies man. Check out the walk to school...

The first "cool" pose on the front steps of the house (don't mind our little teepee we have set up for some vines in the back).
Still being cool, getting a hug from little bro Zane, who has today decided he is a black Power Ranger. (Even though he is wearing blue Power Ranger gloves and has a Batman shirt on.) :)
Still sportin' the cool, down the sidewalk on our way.
Crossing the street with is camo' backpack.
Zane wanted to get in on the "cool" act, so here ya go.
At school, waiting for the teacher to come out, we had to get some goofy photos.
Haydn's entire class, except for 2 kids that weren't there yet.
Power Ranger Zane and Joel watching through the fence. Zane has the zombie look down pretty well.
And picking up after the morning was over, Joel arrived to them still running around furiously on the playground. He said Haydn was drenched in sweat from playing so hard. Inside the parents were allowed to come in and take photos - Haydn looks so tired! First day of Kindergarten successful!
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