Adam's Senior Photos

Thursday, August 9, 2007 - Seniors
Still swamped and still working on photos from vacation! Sorry guys, hopefully I will get some done next week. We have 2 weddings this coming weekend also, so be prepared for some juicy wedding photos early next week! Anyway, let me get on to Adam. Our trip to California was initiated by Joel's Aunt Laurie's pestering (just kidding!) about us needing to come out to visit. So we did, and we actually stayed at her house for the entire trip. Joel has 4 cousins - and Adam the 2nd youngest, is a senior this coming year. Aunt Laurie asked us if we would do some photos of him while we were out there, and we said of course! So we tromped him around to a few different places, and he was a piece of cake. Joel had him laughing the whole time, making it easy to get good expressions!