Hotel Hershey on Saturday pumped and ready to go for Monica and Jason. Monica and the girls were super relaxed during getting ready - goofing off...">

Monica and Jason - August 4th

Monday, August 6, 2007 - Weddings
Rested and refreshed from vacation we arrived at the Hotel Hershey on Saturday pumped and ready to go for Monica and Jason. Monica and the girls were super relaxed during getting ready - goofing off and dancing around. A first happened for me, as 2 of the bridesmaids zippers were sticking on their dresses, and they actually had to lay down on the floor to get the zipper fixed! Some funny images were captured of that!

Of course it was burning hot outside on Saturday, even hotter than when we were in CA last week! We were outside for about 3 hours - for pre-ceremony photos, the ceremony and then after ceremony portraits. At least the hotel had a fancy little lemonade stand set up next to the ceremony, so we were at least able to keep hydrated!

Monica and Jason were so fun to work with, and musical words to our ears were said by Jason while we were doing post-ceremony portraits. It was nearing time to enter the reception and we asked them if they wanted to take a few more, or go in and Jason was like, "Let's do some more! I could take photos all night!" These are words not often said by a groom, in a tux, outdoors in 90 degree heat. We were pleased and actually some of the images we took right after he said this are some of my favorite portraits from the day. (See below.)

The reception was in full swing with a great band playing - Dance Force Entertainment. The band was led up by the spunky and perky Laura and her husband Rick, they were all so nice and best of all had the guests dancing all night!

The evening ended with an unexpected event, which you can see below!

First image below here was the start of the zipper problems!
Monica was just stunning in her Vera Wang.
I love the expression of the groomsman on the right.
Looking out to see the guests arriving.
The colors were just gorgeous, and the skies were bright blue!
I don't even know what is going on here, but it just looks so funny! This was Monica's mom and her brothers - making some adjustments I guess!
Monica had such an infectious smile! You couldn't help but smile back everytime you saw it.
This was one of the portraits after Jason said - Let's keep going! I love it!
Kelly's grandfather, he was such a social guy. He was all over talking to everyone.
Kelly's parents just after they were announced into the reception - "Ooh, look at the cake!"
A LOT of cigar smoking was going on out on the balcony!
Jason's parents in a sweet moment on the dance floor.
And a surprise ending - Hersheypark was having fireworks so everyone ran over to the balcony across the hotel and watched. A special end to a very special day!
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