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Thursday, July 12, 2007 - Workshops/Photography Industry

If you follow our blog, you know about our other blog, a little thing called The Traveling Shovel. Well our poor little shovel has been traveling for several months now, but several weeks back he was lost in the mail. It was a sad day in the Wiebner household when we got the news. We debated about what to do, but decided we needed it to live on. Shovel Junior came into the world and made his first appearance at the AC Trash Bash on Tuesday. Here is one of the images, you can see the rest on the shovel blog (click on it above).

Backstory - our dear friend John Michael Cooper started all of this - the shovel business and the dress trashing. We all really owe it to him. He is such a cool, down to earth, humble person - that just likes to make cool images. Anyway, because of all of the press lately that the Trash the Dress site has been getting, John has started taking a lot of heat for some of his images. It doesn't bother him, he thrives on it, but a lot are looking at his images, calling them mysoginistic (yeah, look that one up) - and that he has a bad attitude towards brides.

To put a spin on this, and to take a little jab at all of the naysayers out there - I visualized this concept about a month or so ago, and made it come to life in AC. I think the image speaks for itself...

There are a few other images from this shoot in AC over on the shovel blog, go check them out.

Here's a little update. Peter from Kairos Moment Wedding Films put together this little video about the Shovel Jr.'s photoshoot. Enjoy!

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