Crisha and Ryan - July 7th

Monday, July 9, 2007 - Weddings
The big day - 7/7/07!! I had asked Crisha why she chose this date, and it wasn't for the triple sevens, it was because she wanted an early July wedding, and she didn't want it to be on her birthday! Her birthday is next Saturday, the 14th, so logically she chose the 7th. Later she realized all of the hype about the date, but it wasn't a super big deal to her. And not to say that her wedding wasn't a super big deal, cause it totally was! You may remember when we did some fun Engagement Photos with Crisha and Ryan last fall, we were excited to be working with them again. The weather was beautiful, the location gorgeous (Lauxmont Sunken Gardens, who could go wrong?) - and a fab couple! Bring on the pics!

Crisha looking just beautiful! We were running a little short on time prior to the ceremony, but we were able to snag a bunch of gorgeous shots of Crisha outside.
Ryan was smiling ear to ear as Crisha's dad gave her away.
After the ceremony we explored Lauxmont (as usual) and found some good nooks and crannies to photograph in...
Oh that light is so good you just want to eat it!!
A sweet first dance...
The bridesmaids were REALLY into the bouquet toss.
And the tradition of putting the garter on the leg of the girl that caught the bouquet - supposedly, these two used to date!
You can't have the dollar dance without shots, it's just not the "real" dollar dance. At least they knew how to do it right here...
mmmm....yummy shots....
This kid was all over the dance floor, he was sooo funny!
And a great last shot, with a beautiful sunset overlooking the river! Magnificent!
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