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Monday, July 9, 2007 - Weddings
Brock gave me a few photos that he took on the trip to post here on the blog.

Here's Haydn peaking through the hole in the tarp with one eyeball. He's so cute.
And eyeing up the hot dog on a stick that Joel was roasting over the fire.
What's better than a fire-roasted hot dog? Well apparently Haydn thinks that RAW hot dogs are better! He ate 2 hot dogs straight out of the pack, didn't even want them to be warmed - ewww!
Awww....there's my other cutie pie!
Ok, so Brock didn't take this one, I did. I grabbed his camera and got a shot of him and Bec.
Oooh, and Zaney's caterpillar! Zane was obsessed with this poor little creature all day. He had him tucked away for safe keeping in the mesh cup-holder in the arm of his camp chair. Here is the little guy on our "moth swatter" (the gypsy moths were terrible!).
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