Michelle and Scott - June 30th

Tuesday, July 3, 2007 - Weddings
Saturday we spent a perfectly lovely day with Michelle and Scott in Lititz and Brickerville. We were at one of our favorite churches, the historic Coleman Chapel on Route 501, and were lucky enough to be at the reception, which was held on a beautiful private farm nearby. Michelle was just striking and looked like a model once she was in her beautiful gown - she had the prettiest eyes, and I couldn't help but keep taking photos of her! The entire day was filled with a simple beauty, and many happy tears.

Let's see what happened...

Joel snagged this righteous shot of the chapel from across the street (he was hiding in the field!)
Ooh, a sweet ring shot - loved the color of the song books in the church.
The very beautiful Michelle.
Michelle's youngest son Dylan was getting all "fancied up!" Him and his older brother David were so cute!
Waiting to make the grand entrance into the ceremony.
Ah yes! What a memorable exit! In the 5 years that we have been doing weddings, we have never, ever had birdseed thrown at a wedding. Most churches wont' allow it, but it is one of those old traditions we just don't see anymore. Well, this church allowed it and Michelle and Scott got pelted! It's not too easy to run and see through clouds of flying birdseed!
Alexis the flower girl, she was sooo adorable.
Michelle scouted out this saaweeeet location for their portraits - it is just down the road from the church and is the facade of an old stone barn.
No, underage drinking was not promoted at this wedding! David does look dashing though doesn't he? Michelle and Scott gave their attendants each a handpainted martini glass - we went back to their house after the ceremony and photos to do a martini toast. David had a nonalcoholic beverage - no worries!
Alexis again, this time at the reception, with an curious onlooker!
We liked the donkeys...
Checking out an adorable baby at the reception...
One last dance before we left...
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