Kelly and Greg - June 29th

Monday, July 2, 2007 - Weddings
Two weddings this weekend, and we started out our first one on Friday with Kelly and Greg. You may remember when we did their - engagement session back in the fall - and seeing Kelly as a bridesmaid in Neilye and Chris' wedding last September. We were really looking forward to working with Kelly, Greg and their family and friends - and to get a chance to work at Knowlton Mansion in Philadelphia. We have several weddings booked there this year and next. This was our first though, and boy was that place beautiful! You really couldn't go anywhere without finding a great photo location. Of course their friends didn't disapoint, and the party was kickin' with a ton of dancing! I knew we were in for trouble when Kelly said that everyone started dancing at the rehearsal dinner! Joel and I love to photograph dancing, so we were waaayyy stoked!

Let's see what came of this great Friday wedding...

While waiting for the girls to get ready, JOel was having some fun with Kelly's parent's dog.
Great story behind this image - this is the postman - and he is delivering the print Kelly ordered from us for the wedding! She had been waiting all week for it to come (we had it shipped directly from our lab), and had finally given up, thinking it wouldn't be there in time for the wedding, and of course, hours before the ceremony, it arrives at the door! THANK YOU - Mr. Postman!
Kelly was just stunning...
And not to be outdone, Greg was dashing...
A first here in the Wiebner household - the parents getting in on the action! They had been watching us have fun with the wedding party, and being the competitive athletic families they are - wanted to get in and have some fun! Kelly's dad got some serious air!
We found this secret little nook at the mansion...
The mansion at sunset, it was just stunning!
Yum, yum gimme some! Food arrives at last.
Joel had Neilye, Chris and 2 of their friends cracking up over a photo he took!
Photographing the photographer
Kelly getting her groove on
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