The Trout Family - June 24th

Wednesday, June 27, 2007 - "Just Because" Portraits
Our last session on Sunday was with the Trout family. They had won a gift certificate we had donated to a silent auction last year - after a few reschedules we finally got out to meet them! I think we may have scared them a little with our craziness - but we put a great "Wiebner" spin on it and got some cool photos!

These kids were so cute and ready to ham it up for the camera!
Being silly - notice the dog in the back - yeah, that's Diamond - a HUGE Great Dane. She was so big, her head came right to my chest - and, she liked to drool!! Luckily it was the last shoot of the day, because I was playing around with her and I was covered in doggy slobber! Joel couldn't stop laughing at me, I had it all over my shirt!
I love love love this shot of Russell and Diamond!
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