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Monday, June 25, 2007 - Weddings
It's sometimes hard to predict how things will work out when someone hires you long distance - will you get along, will the personalities mesh, etc. There were no worries here with these two, we hit it off as soon as we met and were like old friends. Sandy and Geoff were married here in PA, but had hired us via phone/email last year. We finally got to meet this week, just a few days before the wedding. They are two of the nicest people we have ever met. Geoff loves photography, so he was really psyched about some of the ideas we talked about at the meeting. Sandy was all ready to dress up and get some awesome shots as well. They told us whatever we wanted to do was fine with them - music to our ears! Afterwards Sandy even told us that other than marrying Geoff and being so happy, her portrait time on Saturday was the highlight of her day. She had a blast! But I am getting ahead of myself...

I have to first relate the story of what happened at our meeting with these two on Wednesday evening. We arrived at the location of ceremony/reception - which was a private farm that Geoff's relatives owned, and we all sat down on the porch. There were 2 gorgeously huge black Schnauzers, named Bear and Kendall. Joel is a HUGE dog person, and he immediately started loving them up with pets and rubs. They then wouldn't leave his side during the whole meeting! The best part though, was after we sat down we heard someone calling for the dogs - it sounded like a man, so Joel looked around everywhere and didn't see anyone. (I was busy asking Sandy questions about the wedding, so I wasn't as involved in this whole exchange.) Anyway, it happened again, and Joel was like, "Is someone calling the dogs?" And Geoff and Sandy busted up and told us no, turn around it's the parrot!! There in a cage sitting right behind Joel was a gorgeous African Gray parrot - who could speak up to 2000 words!! He had the names of the dogs down perfectly and apparently drives them crazy by calling them all the time - so he was like "Beeearrr! Kendalll!" And would whistle at them and even growl!! It was sooo hilarious! Of course now, Joel thinks he needs to get a parrot, so I just had to relate this story. The parrot and both dogs made appearances at the wedding on Saturday.

Ok, enough back story, let's get to the good stuff! It was a perfect day on Saturday - absolutely perfect! The weather was gorgeous and not too hot for an outdoor wedding, and no rain in sight. The ceremony was held in a large grassy area at the bottom of the hill next to the farmhouse and then the reception followed in a tent behind that area. We had free reign over the entire place to do what we wanted, and we took full advantage! So take a look below!

Sandy and Geoff we had such a fabulous time with you both - there were tears, joy and much laughter! Congratulations and best of luck in your new home!
The beautiful Sandy! This is one of my favorite shots from the day. This was done in an old wooden "lean to" - Sandy went and plopped herself down in it and said, "Tell me what to do!"
Going over last minute details.
I love this shot of Geoff too! Sandy had told him to make sure to not smile "Goofy" so we were all laughing about how he should smile! This was one of the in between expressions I caught and I love it!
Waiting for the ceremony to start.
The flower girl flew all the way from Israel BY HERSELF (she was only 9 I think! and had already done this a couple other times - flying alone that is!) - she had to help the little 2 year old ring bearer down the aisle...
Utter joy and delight during the ceremony, it was one of the most beautiful we have seen yet.
Another shot I love! (I have a lot of favorites from this day, don't I?) Sandy and her girls after the ceremony - just a simple, happy portrait.
Joel grabbed this of the bridesmaids walking down the hill - love it! We were starting to get into "juicy light" time as we started portraits after the ceremony.
A wedding party on a hill - blue sky, green grass, some flare - made my day!
Having some fun with portraits...
Ah! Blue (the parrot) makes his star appearance!!
He doesn't look too sure of what he wants to do, does he?
Eewww, whatever Sandy's sister is drinking sure doesn't look like it tastes good!
Sandy told us that she has taken ballroom dancing for years, and she sure cut up the dance floor! Here we are getting down doing the twist with Geoff's dad!
Ah! and the last shot of the night - after they lit the bonfire, we headed out to the back of the property to do one last fun shot - there were a bunch of old cars parked out on the hill, so it looked like a little car graveyard. It made for a perfect backdrop! And for those photographers out there that know about light painting, we had to use some alternate methods with this one! We had forgotten the ultimate light painting device, the deer spotting light, at home - but we knew we wanted to do this shot. So we actually used our 580s to pull this off! We were quite happy with the results!
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