Heather and Michael - June 16th

Monday, June 18, 2007 - Weddings
I don't think I have ever had a bride tell us upon arriving at a wedding that she dreamed about us the night before. That's pretty flattering. When we arrived at the hotel on Saturday to photograph Heather and her girls getting ready, she had to tell us right away - we and our blog - haunted her dreams the night before! She said that she dreamt about her photos being on the blog, but that it was another photographer's blog, not ours and she was bummed cause she wanted her photos to be on our blog! How funny is that? Getting ready with the girls was full of laughs, and of course when we went out to take some portraits, the mood was definitely jovial. Especially when Joel thought he had found a "cool" secret spot to take photos - and it ended up being right next to the sewer/waste area from the hotel! it smelled B-A-D!! We hightailed it out of there and went to another area of the property to get some shots.

After finishing with the girls, we arrived at St. Cornelius in Chadds Ford, which was a beautiful Catholic Church. Modern, yes, but very beautiful with stonework and gnarly trees - and awesome light inside. The ceremony was very different also from the Catholic ceremonies we are used to. They did a knocking ceremony - where the couple and their parents proceed into the church by knocking on the doors and the priest answers. They then ask permission for marriage, and the processional begins - very beautiful and different. The priest said this type of ceremony goes to ancient times - it sounded like something they are trying to revive.

The day flowed wonderfully and when we got to the reception at Penn Oaks golf club, we were ready for some more fun. Portraits outside followed by a HUGE dance crowd inside. Nothing makes our day better than to see a packed dance floor! I think we are some of the few photographers that actually LOVE to photograph dancing! There are so many great opportunities to capture!

Heather and Mike actually moved to Virginia today - yes, the day after the wedding! Mike has been there since May, but they moved Heather down today. They will be taking a honeymoon next year though - to Costa Rica for 2 weeks! Now that is something I would love to go photograph. Hey guys, you up for hiring us to shoot the honeymoon trip? Just kidding, we hope you have a great year in your new place.
Heather and Mike saw each other before the ceremony - they were smiling from ear to ear, and couldn't stop!
Heather and Mike are both the oldest children in their families - and the first to get married on both sides - so we did a lot of group family shots throughout the day. This group was particularly funny at the reception, as no one wanted to put their cameras down to get in the photo!
Heather wore her bedroom slippers at the reception!
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