Mark, MaryAnn, Thomas and Luke - Some Family Fun!

Thursday, June 7, 2007 - "Just Because" Portraits
I love it when we get to photograph guests from our weddings we shoot. They already have seen how we work, and know our style, so it is always a fun and relaxing time! Last evening we ventured down to Hockessin, DE to do some different portraits for a bridesmaid, Greta, from one of our recent weddings. She wanted some casual portraits of her parents, Mark and MaryAnn for their anniversary coming up. Also while we were at it, she wanted to get her two little boys, Thomas and Luke in some shots with her parents. Greta also signed up for one of our beach sessions in July, so you will see her and the boys make another appearance then, when we go to Cape May for the day.

But enough about July, let's talk about now! We had SO much fun with this group last night! Mark and Maryann have a BEAUTIFULLY landscaped backyard that they spend a lot of time in, so we started out there getting some shots of them, and then went out to the front of the house to start getting some shots with the boys. They were trying to be so shy at first, but soon warmed up and Thomas turned out to be quite the ham! Things really got interesting when Greta suggested we go to a local ice cream place (and I can't remember the name!), which is homemade on a farm - it looked SOO good! We all had some ice cream fun, and this is when the boys really opened up. Casual portraits like this are what we live for! Capturing those fun everyday things that we all do is SO important.

We are really looking forward to working with these kids again next month - photographing them at the beach is going to be a great experience!