Jackie and Chris - June 1st

Monday, June 4, 2007 - Weddings
Friday we laughed the day away with the very funny Jackie and Chris. You may or may not remember the blast we had with them last year, when we went to Baltimore. Check out their engagement session photos if you need a refresher. These two really love the camera!

We had so many great moments with these two on Friday - you can see many of them below. The one thing that happened that we were really excited about - is the fact that it rained! Excited? About rain? Heck yeah! I am sure you are asking yourself why, so let me explain. We were supposed to do their portrait time in Lancaster - first we were scheduled to go to Wheatland, the estate of President Buchanan, and then walk around downtown for First Friday. Well, the thunderstorms and rain prevented us from doing that. BUT, it gave us the opportunity to photograph in a location we have been dying to go to. The Lancaster Train Station! Jackie and Chris are of course up for anything, so when we were trying to think of alternate locations, I blurted this out right away and Jackie said, "Sure!" So we went and made a bunch of really great images there with them and their wedding party. Oh, and please don't forget to check out the reception images from this wedding! Their wedding party's introductions into the reception were priceless!

First image here - one of Jackie's bridesmaids asked if they had any wine, and John, Jackie's older brother, went and brought up every bottle of wine they had! There must have been 20 bottles sitting out on the table by the time he was done!
I LOVE this image - another one of Jackie's bridesmaids decided to take a little nap while some of the other girls were getting their makeup done.
Jackie's mom putting on Jackie's pearls - without her glasses - she couldn't see what she was doing!
Jackie's dress was just beautiful - this was captured as she was putting her garter on.
Just off of the trolley, Jackie and the girls were trying to keep her veil from blowing away.
Pretty girls in a field, what could be better?
The beautiful Jackie, having a seat in the grass for us before the ceremony.
Chris posing for a studly image.
Waiting for the ceremony to start.
All smiles as Jackie walks down the aisle.
Married! Ribbon wands were waved and bells jingled as they exited the church.
Now, at the train station! Being the goofy kids they are, they were fooling around in front of this fan, enjoying the cool air. Up, up and away Superman!
A portrait in the empty train station.
Down near the tracks...
And walking back out in the rain to hop on the trolley!
I told you these entrances were great! Each guy and gal had a "partner" to walk in with - they had a contest to see who could come up with the best entrance!
Yes, the best man actually juggled fire!
Mmmmmm.....cookie table!
The guys had also golfed in the morning - they had another "competition" (I think they are pretty competitive, ya think?) - there were 2 teams for golfing and the losers had to sing Jackie a song at the end of the reception!
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