Kylene and Matt - May 27th

Wednesday, May 30, 2007 - Weddings
It's a party! Kylene and Matt's day is finally here! Sorry I had to do a little dance (I know you can't see me, but I AM dancing!) - cause we have known Kylene and Matt forever! We are so happy their day is finally here. Before I went full time with the photo business, I used to work at a magazine - I was there for 4 years, Joel had been there for 6 before he left last year. Anyway, Matt and Kylene both work there - Matt actually started there the same day I did - oh sheesh, that was 7 years ago! Matt actually attended our own wedding, and now his is here! Yay! Well now, I have really gotten way off track - so let me tell you a bit about their wedding day...

We started out at Kylene and Matt's house, where we got some shots of the girls getting their hair done - poor Kylene, I felt so bad for her, as she had been sick the entire day before the wedding and she still wasn't feeling too well that morning. What could be worse than being sick on your wedding day? She perked up later on, but she still looked a little green that morning at the house. We all talked and laughed, took some photos - and then headed over to Riverdale Manor where their entire day was spent at. This was our first time at Riverdale, it is a newer location in Lancaster that is right on the Conestoga River. it is a gorgeous place, and we are looking forward to the other weddings we have there this year.

So the day went by so fast we didn't even realize it! We bounced all over the property and did some really cool portraits in several different locations - captured some great ceremony and reception moments, and ended the evening a bit early - those darn thunderstorms! Kylene and Matt were planning to leave around 9 PM, but due to the impending storm they had to bump it up by about 45 minutes - they were no sooner in the car after the sparklers than it started to pour! Timing couldn't have been better, we raced to the car and home we went! The 3rd and final wedding of the weekend was complete! Now off to relax - for 1 day at least!


Kylene's adorable kitty, Iris, was a ham for the camera - she loved Joel!
A beautifully simple portrait of Kylene - I think her eyes look so amazing in this shot!
The light and space inside Riverdale is amazing - we used as much as we could of it!
Matt and the guys - utilizing all that space again.
Matt checking out his brother and dad fixing ties - you can see their reflection in the mirror.
Matt staring intently at his bride during the ceremony.
Some wedding party fun...
Ready for that kiss!
We love this image! it reminds me of an old-fashioned portrait.
Matt's best man, Herb is a character - here one of his friends ripped out the word, "Herbed" from the menu and held it up to Herb!
Go with your bad self and that YMCA!
Lighting the sparklers...
And more sparkler fun!
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