Stacey and Mike - May 26th

Tuesday, May 29, 2007 - Weddings
On the 2nd day of our long hot weekend, we started out in New London at Stacey's parent's house. Stacey's brother is an architect, and he designed the home himself! Stacey is so proud of it (and him) that she wanted to have a lot of photos done there at the house - and no wonder! It was gorgeous! It is also nestled in a beautifuilly landscaped area, with plants, ferns, trees - all over. After the girls were finished getting ready, Mike and the guys showed up to start photos. The two of them had their "first glimpse" on the front porch of the house - with the entire wedding party and family watching them through the living room windows! It was so emotional - Stacey cried and they hugged, kissed and were immediately ready to start their portrait time! Stacey is an artist and art teacher, so she wanted a lot of creative shots throughout the day - we could certainly oblige.

The ceremony was held at New London Presbyterian, a quaint little church hidden away in the country, with a beautiful simpleness to it. After the ceremony, Stacey and Mike were whisked away in a really cool old-fashioned car. It was in pristine condition! One of the best parts of the day is yet to come, as we arrived at Twin Brook Winery in Gap, PA for the reception - it is a winery (obviously) which has 2 HUGE greenhouses that they have converted into a reception facility! A really unique location, however quite hot! The light inside was some of the best ever, and is certainly a photogenic location. But I am getting off track, when we arrived there, Stacey and Mike wanted to do a few more photos with the car, and then Stacey said, "Well, we would like to go down in the creek and take some shots too." Music to our ears! We love it when our couples are willing to do something out of the ordinary. So Stacey, Mike and I all took off our shoes and got our feet wet! Joel stayed up on the bank and got some shots from there, but I just had to get down in the water and be on the same level as Stacey and Mike. It was soo much fun!

- A ring shot below here from Joel - Stacey's parents had a lot of really neat little things throughout their house, this was an old typewriter they had sitting on a desk in the hallway, and of course and old magnifying glass next to it. If you can't tell what is going on in this photo, Joel shot the rings on the typewriter through the magnifying glass - sweet image!
Stacey's dad and her parents dog, Zuzu (don't know if that is spelled right!) - that poor little dog was so scared of us she would turn tail and run every time we came near her!
Soft kisses right after their first meeting of the day.
The guys in the ferns, I loved all of the ferns and hostas Stacey's mom had in the yard.
At the church, Stacey and her dad anxiously awaiting the trip down the aisle.
In the creek!!
Everybody twist!
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