Jerusha and Ben - May 25th

Tuesday, May 29, 2007 - Weddings
Wow! It was H-O-T this weekend! Our long weekend (3 weddings!) - started on Friday - with nearly 90 degree heat! That heat continued on throughout the weekend, but I think Friday was the worst because of the humidity. You couldn't breathe! The pollen from all of the trees and flowers was ridiculous also - I don't think I have ever sneezed as much as I have in the last 4 days!

So enough about me, I know ya'll want to see some wedding photos - so let me tell you a little bit about Jerusha and Ben's wedding in Elizabethtown on Friday. We were there early - 9 AM and photographed all of the girls getting ready - then, we headed over to Founder's Hall at the Milton Hershey School in Hershey to do all of their portraits. Jerusha and Ben decided to see each other before the ceremony, so underneath some beautiful shade trees, they had their first glimpse. We ran around and did a bunch of portraits of Jerusha and Ben, and then their wedding parties. Everyone was DYING from the heat, so we all headed back to the church to cool off before the ceremony. Jerusha and Ben were such a cool couple, they even told us to go relax for awhile since we had some extra time before the ceremony. So we cooled off and sat in the back of the church for a bit before we started capturing the guests arriving!

After the ceremony, we took off to Elizabethtown College for the reception which was held in the ballroom at the college. The food and details were perfect, and the evening was ended with a great sparkler exit!

I love this shot I grabbed of Jerusha's shoes - the shadows, the floor textures - all of it just went together so well!
One of the groomsmen getting all straightened up.
Jerusha and the girls got dressed in the church basement, and there just so happened to be these cool old shower stalls (the church just uses them to store things in currently) - so I asked Jerusha if she would mind doing some shots in there - she was totally game, which I love - and I was able to do some cool portraits...
The flower girl getting her hair done - she had also just been eating a Lifesaver blue lollipop - thus the blue tongue!
Moments after seeing each other for the first time that day...
These two were SOOO cute! Kirsten is 4 and Jake is 5 - they are cousins and Kirsten has the BIGGEST crush on Jake! (So her mom tells me anyway!) - We got them to give each other a hug while we were getting the wedding party ready in the background...sooo adorable!
This couple has been married 65 years! Can you believe it? These are Ben's grandparents and they were just so fun to watch throughout the day.
Awesome cake! Of course Joel being the sci-fi/fantasy junkie he is, thought that the swirls on the cake look like the symbol from the TV series, Heroes - he mentioned this to Ben, and it turns out him and Jerusha love the show!
A friend of Ben's actually breaking into his truck with a coat hanger to "decorate" the interior....
See ya guys!
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