Mary and Rob - May 19th

Sunday, May 20, 2007 - Weddings
Smile from ear to ear - that's all I think of when I think of Mary and Rob. These two have some of the biggest smiles out of anyone I have ever photographed! It is really infectious, and Joel and I couldn't help but let them infect us on Saturday at their wedding. We did their engagement session in Hershey last November, and had such fun with them, we knew the wedding day would not be much different. We were in Annville in the morning for the Catholic Ceremony, and then headed to the Hershey Country Club for the reception. The reception TOTALLY rocked the house - all thanks to The Barry Warren Orchestra. This was our first time working with them and we were very impressed!

Mary and Rob gave us some time to do some funky portraits with them, both before and after the ceremony, which we were really happy about - we love doing creative portraiture! Best of the day though, were those smiles from Mary and Rob, and the acceptance of us by their guests - we captured SO many great moments!

I found this dingy, dark area of the church, but with Wiebner magic, and a beautiful bride, it comes to life! I love this shot of Mary, she looks sort of, angelic!
A beautiful classic black and white Joel grabbed of Mary.
This is the two dads - Mary's dad is in the military and is showing off all of his medals to Rob's dad. Mary said he was so proud to be able to wear his uniform - it obviously isn't something you can wear around the house!
Goofball Rob with his sister - he grabbed a rake that was sitting outside of the church and was like, "Hey sis - let's get a photo with this rake!" And of course we snagged the shot - Rob's mom said he is totally like that ALL the time!
A dramatic Rob
Vincent the ringbearer surrounded by a sea of blue-clothed bridesmaids.
There were SO many adorable kids at this wedding I could have died. These two cuties were eyeing each other up while they were waiting for the ceremony to begin.
If you haven't already figured it out, Mary is a pretty expressive person - you will see more evidence of it later in this post - but this one was grabbed while she was trying to shove, er, um, put - the ring on Rob's finger! It didn't fit!
Mary had plans to do some outside shots in Hershey after the ceremony, but unfortunately the rain had other ideas. Mary and Rob were not deterred, and we just did them inside the country club. Here is one of my faves from the time we spent with them.
A guest reading the board with the seating assignments.
The first dance!
The two best men give their toasts, a little tearfully!
Mary's uncle was just TOO much for me to take. He was ALL over the dance floor, providing some great material for Joel and I. Here he had taken off his jacket and was roping Rob with it!
He was so funny I had to post this one as well. He moved on to swinging Mary around the dance floor, and here Mary's dad is pointing at him to behave!
Mary's grandmother was so sweet, Mary and her mom are total carbon copies of this woman - and all of them were just the same, nice as pie!
Barry pulled Mary up to sing, and this is her in action.
Doing a conga line around the dance floor.
And finally, a sleepy little one - goodnight!
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