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Thursday, May 17, 2007 - Personal
Well I feel like we have been sooo busy that I haven't posted any personal stuff in forever! And looking back I haven't, it has been weeks! We of course have been doing a LOT, and I have plenty of photos of those two adorable little boys of ours, it's just getting the time to get them up here that is hard! But I chose a whole bunch of random images last night from the last several weeks, so you can see what we have been up to, in between tons of weddings, working in the office, trying to get our new gallery set up (whoops did I say that? stay tuned!), gutting our basement and kitchen, AND all of us having the stomach flu! That was a mouthful. But here goes...

The first set of images here is from back on May 1st - the boys had their spring program at Preschool - and who is that with his hands over his eyes? You guessed it, our shy little Zane coming down the aisle, hiding behind his buddies Joseph and Ross...
A few minutes later, older brother Haydn comes in - shy? - who Haydn? - no way! Our social butterfly prances down the aisle waving to everyone!
The whole group of preschool kids up on the altar ready to start the show.
Each class made a cardboard replica of themselves! It was way too funny! Zane was really tired at this point and all we could get out of him was to hide behind his copy.
Haydn loved the duplicate, and as you can see, he has gotten a haircut since they took the photo for the copy!
Later that week we were doing some spring clothing shopping at the mall, and while I was checking out at The Children's Place - Joel found these cool mirrors in the store and got some fun photos with the point and shoot.
Last week was the boys last week of Preschool, and as part of the last week, they each had Mother's Day parties in their class for the moms. I went with Haydn on Tuesday to his....

This is him and his "girlfriend" Melanie - Haydn talks about her ALL the time, and I found out from Melanie's mom, she talks about him ALL the time too! Oh, and if Haydn's cheeks look a little red, it's not cause he is embarrassed, he had a pretty bad allergic reaction to some sunscreen!
Me and my boy.
The next day I went with the little Zippy Zoo to his class - here he is, shyly goofing off - that's a combination!
Zane and his two best buds, Joseph and Ross.
Me and my little red head
The end of last week we had some excitement! Joel had been contacted a couple of weeks ago by a woman who works for a NewsProNet - which is a national company providing general interest news stories to TV networks around the country. (Brief summary there, you can check out there web site if you want to know more about what they do.) Anyway, the woman had found us through our BLOG! of course! - she had been searching for movie related info, and stumbled upon our blog because she found the article we wrote several weeks ago on taking the kids to the movies. She was doing a story on families going to the movies, and how you can save money doing so. We have a club card at our local theatre, and we use it all the time - because if you know us, you know we LOVE going to the movies! So it was all arranged that we would be interviewed for this piece, and a cameraman came out to interview us, and then follow us to the movies, and tape us going in, buying tickets, etc. So it looks like we will be on TV! That's all the details I know right now, but we will keep you posted!

Here is the cameraman, Todd, setting up and Zane watching what he is doing...
Joel being interviewed with a curious little red head looking on...
Another one of Joel
Me behind the camera, Sofie, one of our cats thought she needed to get in on the action.
Zane trying to stay out of the way.
Haydn wanted to get interviewed too, so we put him in front of the camera and he answered a couple of questions, it was so cute!
And of course since Haydn did it, Zane needed to as well!
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