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Monday, April 16, 2007 - News
Hey guys and gals. I don't think I have posted about this site before, but you have to check it out. - a web site dedicated to, well, trashing wedding dresses! When the site was first started last year, we contributed some of our photos that we shot at Eastern State Penitentiary last year - you can see these images and article on Trash the Dress - HERE.

The site is great to get some alternative ideas of having fun either before, on or after your wedding day. Sure there is a LOT of dress "trashing", but even if you aren't in to the "trashing" part, you can still get ideas on how to think alternatively and creatively in regards to wedding portrait photography.

I am pleased to announce that Joel and I have also been added to the administrative staff at the Trash the Dress site. We are both looking forward to contributing as much as we can to the creative photography community.