The Easter Tour - The Finale!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 - Personal
Our last stop on the Easter Tour was at Joel's mom's house. She cooked supper for a whole house full of us, and the kids got to play a lot with one of their favorite buddies, or should I say BFF - Nicole. Nicole is Joel's brother's girlfriend, and the kids ADORE her. She can get them to do anything, so you will see her in like every photo here - these are for you Nicole! (She doesn't like to get her photo taken, but I think we got some good ones....)
Nicole and Mike
Someone pulled out the photo album, so Joel and Mike were reminiscing of childhood battles....
Zane getting swung around by Mike and Nicole.
Lucky I caught this one - Haydn jumping over Zane.
Zane and Nicole wanted to see who's mouth was bigger...
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