Vegas Baby! Day Five (The Husband/Wife Team Dinner) - March 29th

Monday, April 2, 2007 - Workshops/Photography Industry

So we grabbed a bunch of photographer couples (both husband and wife are photographers) and got them all together for dinner on the last night of the convention at PF Chang's - and what fun did we have! There were 8 couples there, not everyone could make it that we had invited, since a lot were flying home that evening - we were ecstatic at the turnout we had, and some of our favorite people were there. Next year we will have to do something much bigger! We all laughed, ate and made merry - and it was a night to not be forgotten! Joel and I even got to stand up and give a little speech to everyone to thank them for coming - we really just love socializing with other couples that share the same passion as us. It was one of the best nights we had in Vegas - I can't wait until next year!

Oh no, not these two again! Eric and Brooke

Sean and Melanie McLellan

WOOHOO! Sorry had to do that - we FINALLY got to hang out with those cool kats - Nate and Jaclyn Kaiser from Image Is Found in California - we LOVE them! Our web programmer, Brock Martin from Infinet Design also did their blog for them - Blog is Found - and they were so happy with him! We are glad, cause Brock is such a nice guys - and the Kaisers are a cool couple! Ok, those were my plugs for this post - off to more pix!

More Nate and Jaclyn

Melanie, please don't hate me for this picture, but it was too funny...

Dave Cheung from DQ Studios - him and Quin are another set of our top favorite photographers - it was so great getting to meet them! They gave a phenomenal seminar earlier in the week, and it made our week getting to know them a little better!

Me and Melanie trying to bring sexy back - or not...

The one, the only - Sean McLellan!

Oh that Eric! Trying to be suave with his chopsticks.

That crazy Dave and Quin!

Joy and Garrett had just bonked heads together - I have some other cute shots of this, but they were so funny! I liked this one the best, when they were both in full blown laughter!

Oh and yes, us being our goofy selves.

Amber and Nathan Holritz with the million dollar smiles!

Dave and Quin, and Joy and Garrett - getting some posing action going on for Sean.

You should recognize these two - Cat and Adi.

Yes, that is really Joel holding chopsticks to squeeze Cat and Adi's heads together...the things we do when we have too much time on our hands in Vegas...

Ah, food is served! Our big table fit for 16 and then some...

One shot to rule them all! This should almost have its own post - after dinner we got the crazy idea to take a group shot of everyone at dinner - what's so crazy about that you ask? Well Joel and I are infamous for our hold-out-the-arm pix (as we call them, otherwise known as self-portraits!) - so we wanted to see if it was possible to squeeze everyone in the photo, while Joel held the camera with his LONG arm and got everyone in! As you can see - we succeeded! 16 people in the shot, and you can see everyone!!! Go Joel, go Joel, go Joel! - Oh and this was done with a tiny Canon point and shoot!

If you want to know what us crazy people are up to with this shot - you are going to have to check out Nate and Jaclyn's blog. Nate had this crazy idea - what you can't do with a point and shoot and a $20 video light...

One more group shot, this time with the self timer on the 5D.

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