Erika and Mahmood, Part 1 - March 24th

Sunday, March 25, 2007 - Weddings
Alright all of you Wiebner fans! The season is officially started! Erika and Mahmood's wedding couldn't have gone better for our start to the new wedding season. We did their engagement photos last year, so they were both totally comfortable with us and not afraid to do anything for the camera. (Plus Erika really LOVES pictures!) We were all over Lancaster County for this wedding - getting ready at the Hampton Inn, then over to the Leffler Chapel at F&M College for the ceremony and finally the Lehr Ballroom at Millersville University for the reception. We both had such a fantastic day shooting, we really wanted to say a big "Thanks!" to Erika and Mahmood for being so cooperative. As you can see, the creative juices were flowing! We got SOOO many great shots, that it was hard to choose images for the blog! Here are some of our favorites.


First one up here is Erika's mom and I just LOVED her hat. It had so much character and I am so glad I got some cute shots of here like this first one.
This image is to make a believer out of some of you who don't think that you can have great photos without having a pretty location - it's not true! This shot was done in Erika's hotel room at the Hampton right after she got ready...
Outside the Hampton
Another one inside the Erika's room
Some crazy bridesmaids...
Here is Erika's grandma, she makes 2 appearances on the blog today, I just loved her expressions and how innocent she was in front of the camera.
The exterior of F&M where Erika and Mahmood were married.
These next 2 shots were done in the board room next to the Chapel.
Some final touchups!
OOOHHH....I love my husband! He snagged this awesome shot of the organist as he was playing music for the ceremony up in the balcony.
After the ceremony we did some shots on this great staircase just outside the chapel....the.....light.....was.....freakin'......awesome!
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