Erika and Mahmood, Part 2 - March 24th

Sunday, March 25, 2007 - Weddings
So there is a story behind this image! It had rained almost all day Friday, so the ground was pretty wet for Saturday. Never fear - Erika was a brave bride and tromped through the muddy grass to the pool in the park to get this shot along with her entire wedding party. Now to top it off, I got WET getting this shot! You can probably see by the reflection in the pool, but if you can't - the pool was very WET! I was laying down on my stomach to get this shot (Joel has photographic evidence of me doing so!) and got the front of my pants and shirt pretty moist. It was worth it for the shot!
The lovely couple on a fire escape on the backside of one of the F&M buildings.
Out in front of the college, they were getting ready to board the cool Red Rose trolley, and we did a different take on a jumping shot...
I LOVED Erika's grandma! She was so cute and I grabbed this shot of her enjoying some h'ouerderves.
Erika's Matron of Honor - she was SOO expressive during her toast at the reception, I took so many great shots of her.
Erika and her dad dancing.
More of Erika dancing, she was so great to photograph.
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