Wow, we've never done this before

Sunday, March 25, 2007 - Weddings
TWO brides at the same wedding? WHAT??? But that is what happened on Saturday....backstory.....

Erika was our bride from Saturday, and has been such a doll to work with. We did her and Mahmood's Engagement Photos in Baltimore, last year. So one of Erika's bridesmaids, Stacey didn't have the best of luck with her wedding day photos - her and her husband Dan, didn't have any usable photos of themselves that they had taken on their wedding day. So Erika knew how great we are (her words, not mine!) and asked if we would be willing to take a couple of quick photos of Stacey and Dan during her own reception. SOOOOO......we ended up with 2 brides on Saturday! Below are 2 of the shots we did of Stacey and Dan, this was done during the cocktail hour, during a 15 minute time frame, in a small, small convention room with just one window. All ya need is light!

Stacey and Dan we hope you guys like the images and hope we can work with you again in the future!