Zane got a haircut!

Sunday, March 25, 2007 - Personal
So today (Friday), Zane got a haircut. Zane getting a haircut is a big deal in our house. Except for one cut last year, he has always had long, curly, red hair. We loved his hair and thought he looked so cute, but didn't realize that it might not be so "cute" to other kids. We have had lots of people comment on "What a pretty girl you have!" and have laughed it off in the past. But now other kids are starting to call him a girl, and even his own brother! So it was time. Joel commented on Friday afternoon that he was going to get his hair cut, and Zane, very quietly from the back seat said, "Dada, can I get my hair cut too?" It was so heartbreaking we had to do it. The poor little guy! He has been wanting to have hair like his big brother Haydn for a little while now, so he finally got it! Now he thinks that him and Haydn are "twins", and we don't have to worry about anyone thinking he is a girl! Congrats to our little guy for making his first big boy decision on how he wants his hair cut - he is growing up too fast!