A Cold Day

Sunday, January 28, 2007 - "Just Because" Portraits
Saturday we spent the day outside shooting. Yes, outside for 4 hours in 20 degree weather - yikes! It was quite chilly, and I couldn't really feel my feet or hands the entire day, but we got some great shots - so who cares! The afterrnoon was spent doing some great creative concept shots for a local non-profit organization. I don't want to divulge who it is just yet, as their new web site is going to be going live in a few weeks, and they will be using the shots from today for the new site. I will post again when it is up and running, and provide a little more info from the shoot. I can say, that the people we photographed are all board members of the organization and work in a creative field.

We had a ton of fun with this shoot and these are just a few of the great shots we got! We didn't want to post all of the really great ones yet, as the organization wants to save those for their web site release - stay tuned in a few weeks to see the rest!