Lots of Christmas! - Part 4

Friday, January 5, 2007 - Personal
Joel's grandfather.
Ah, and the surprise! These are two of Joel's cousins from California and they flew in to surprise everyone for Christmas! This is them just walking in the door - they came right from the airport...
...And - Joel's aunt who was SO surprised to see them!!!
All of the cousins together - only 2 of them are missing, and they stayed out in California with their parents for the holidays.
Zane, being cute!
Oh yeah! On to Christmas morning. Here are the boys coming down to see what Santa left for them.
Zane opening one of his many Batman presents - the kid is a fanatic.
Haydn with his most wanted Christmas gift - a Ben 10 watch.
More present opening.
And Joel, making eyes over a treat I got him from Harry and David - our favorite - Moose Munch Popcorn!

So that ends Christmas! There aren't a whole lot of shots of us from Christmas day, we spent the time with the boys, and put the cameras down for the most part. It was a great time and it went too quickly! Off to New Year's! Stay tuned...
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