Turkey for me and Turkey for you...CONTINUED...

Sunday, November 26, 2006 - Personal
You will see a very cute little bassett hound in the following pix, she stole the show for the evening! Annie is only a few months old, but so cute, cuddly and a troublemaker! (Nah, she's sweet!) The boys enjoyed playing with her and their Poppy, Joel's dad.

This first shot just absolutely is my favorite from Thanksgiving. Can you count how many feet are in this shot? 7 feet! Ha! Annie grabbed ahold of Haydn's left foot as he jumped on the couch and wouldn't let go!!
Flying superheroes!
Annie being cute.
Annie wanted to make a list for Santa too! We were looking through all of th Black Friday sale papers and Annie kept wanting to jump up and look at the paper - I think Zane was getting a little annoyed!
More Annie being cute.
Throwing ball with Poppy!
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