A Day Off! Christmas Candylane at Hershey Park

Monday, November 20, 2006 - Personal
Yay! We FINALLY had a day off with the kids this past Saturday! It was our first Saturday off since August, and we took the kids to Chocolate World at Hershey Park for the first time, and then into Hershey Park for Christmas Candylane. It was a nice way to introduce the kids to Hershey Park, as they only had about 30 rides open, and most of them were kiddie rides. They had a great time, and our little sweet tooth Zane was google eyed over all of the candy all day. His face was brighter than a light bulb when we went on the Chocolate World ride for the first time. We spent the afternoon there, and after nearly 6 hours, we were all cold and cranky and ready to go home (yes mommy and daddy too!). We still had a great time, and the boys had a blast! Christmas is on it's way!!

Below is Haydn loving the train ride.
Getting ready to kick butt in Whac A Mole
Brand new, shiny Hershey Park quarters - Haydn cranked out a chocolate bar and Zane made a Hershey Kiss.
Mommy and her boys
The infamous Hershey Park Kissing Tower
Joel riding on the cars with the boys
Ah, our first visit with Santa this year. They had him setup in the Arcade area, and Zane is super-shy, so I was surprised we were able to get him in his lap, he almost didn't do it, but I told him if he did, he could go on the Moon Bounce - that got him right up there!
This was the end of the day, and Zane was NOT in the mood anymore to have his picture taken, and poor Haydn is so sleepy looking! I think we may have actually caught Haydn in a blink, thus the half asleep expression - but this shot was too cute not to post!
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