Kelly and Anthony - Nov. 11th - Part 1

Sunday, November 12, 2006 - Weddings
What a GORGEOUS day! The weather was absolutely perfect for Kelly and Anthony (TJ)'s wedding on Saturday. These two are both from New Jersey, but have family all over, so they decide to have their wedding in Hershey, which was a half way point for all involved. They were married at St. Joan of Arc Catholic church in Hershey, which was just a beautiful church to shoot in - so much light! The reception was then at the Hershey Country Club. They had a TON of time in between the ceremony and reception, and we had about 2 1/2 hours for photos. So we did some family photos at the church then went and had some fun. Kelly had gotten ready at her Aunt's house who lives just outside of Hershey, and when we were there we had seen a really cool field with a ton of awesome haybales stacked up. So we suggested going there, and they said the magic words, "Whatever you guys want to do!" and off we went! So we started there and got some fun shots of the wedding party and a few of Kelly and TJ. Then we went to downtown Hershey and took some more photos near the Hershey's chocolate factory. We made a quick stop at some railroad tracks near the factory and then finished up with a few shots at the Country Club. Their wedding party was a blast and good sports too, as there were 18 of them (9 girls, 9 guys plus Kelly and TJ!) - they were great to work with. We had the rare opportunity of photographing the cocktail hour, and then the reception was kicking with another one of our favorite DJs, Occassions DJs. What a great crowd! Matt from Occasions had the party going strong when we left. What an unexpected (weather wise) day in November!


Below: This flower girl knew how to work it - America's Next Top Model, look out! She was SO cute and would throw out all of these posed every time I looked at her!
A simple photo of a beautiful bride
Hehe, I love this shot! The limo driver caught taking time to "smell the flowers"!
TJ and Kelly decide they were going to "body slam" for this shot, I think TJ got a little too much air for Kelly!
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