Animals Gone Crazy!

Tuesday, November 7, 2006 - Engagements
Ha! We had so much fun with Jen and Mike on the farm that it warranted two posts. This one is dedicated to the animals from the day and the funny things that happened with them. Check it out...

This first shot was just a really pretty swan that was in the pond - Joel got this, and it is so sweet.
This second shot was when we went into the pasture with the cows. They had been all the way on the other side of the field, and they must have been nosy, because while we were shooting they all came right up to where Mike and Jen were sitting and just stood and stared at them - it was so hilarious!
Ah yes, Jesse the Donkey - she did not want me taking photos of Jen and Mike, she was after my photo bag!
After Jesse tried to eat my bag, she must have realized she wasn't getting her point across. She came and stood right in front of me while I was trying to take a photo of Jen and Mike. Boy, the things we have to do to get the shot! I ended up shooting over top of her, and Jen and Mike were just busting up the whole time.
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