Jess and Russ - Sun. Oct. 22nd

Monday, October 23, 2006 - Weddings
Well, it was a double Jess weekend, and we headed down to Wilmington, DE for the 2nd Jess of the weekend. This was our first full traditional Jewish wedding, and we were excited to be a part of it. The day started out at Jess' parents house, where she had her hair and makeup done. It was then off to the synagogue to check on the reception area (they had the ceremony and reception all at the synagogue) - and to get dressed. Once Jess was dressed we met up with Russ and went down the street to Rockwood Mansion to take some photos of them. They had an Asian theme to their day - and Jess surprised Russ with some pink parasols that we used for some of their photos. We had some fun at Rockwood, then went back to the synagogue to get ready for the ceremony.

It was a beautiful day, and we learned a lot about Jewish traditions. The Ketubah signing was a great experience, and I was glad to be a part of it. That happened just before the ceremony, while the cocktail hour was going on for the guests. Immediately after the Ketubah signing, and the veiling of Jess by Russ, the ceremony started. It was a beautiful ceremony, and afterwards the guests recessed into the adjoining banquet hall for the reception. Jess had it decorated beautifully, with huge Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling, beautiful Asian themed floral arrangements, and little accents here and there. She is a graphic designer, and actually made all of the programs, place cards, and table numbers herself. The reception was again a total blast, and we felt lucky to have such great people to work with two days in a row. Both Jess and Russ' families and friends were so friendly - we had an easy time getting great shots. Jess actually had cousins in from Israel, and I could have photographed them all night! They were tearing up the dance floor to 80s music, which Jess and Russ ordered specifically for the reception - 80s dance party!

Thanks guys so much for introducing us to a new culture, we had a great time!

During the Ketubah signing.
Jess after she was veiled by Russ - ready to walk down the aisle.
Jess did NOT want to get put on a chair and lifted high in the sky, but she did anyway! This was as they were trying to get her in the chair - priceless! That is her mom and cousins, and uncles in the background.
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