Jess and Jared - Sat. Oct. 21st

Monday, October 23, 2006 - Weddings
It was a whilwhind of a wedding day on Saturday -first the stylist's house, then back to Jess' grandparents house to get dressed, next off to St. Lawrence Chapel in Harrisburg for the ceremony, then a sprint over to riverfront for a few quick pics, and last off to the Harrisburg Country Club for more pics and the reception. Whew! It was well worth it all as we had such a great time with these two. We had done their engagement pix last fall at PSU main campus, their Alma Mater. They are both SO lucky to have found each other - they are two of the nicest people we have ever worked with! The morning went rather quickly and before we knew it we were at the reception. However, the party rocked! Jared and Jess live in Hoboken, NJ, and they brought in Oh! Studios from NJ to DJ the reception. They were totally great, and a new favorite on our short list of favorite DJs. Both Jared and Jess' families were just like them - super nice and friendly! We had an absolute blast at the reception - the dance floor was packed!

Totally unaware, I captured Jess waiting to get dressed. Her sister was still at the hairdresser's and she was waiting on her to get back so she could get dressed. She didn't want to get her dress on without her! Here she is looking out the window just as her sister pulled in the driveway.
The house Jess got dressed in was her grandparents house, and she has many fond memories there. She wanted to get ready there because her grandparents are considering moving, and she wanted to have some photos taken there. Here she is on the staircase, one of her favorite spots in the house - with a little bit of funky lighting applied.
Another one of Jess, Joel grabbed this portrait - we usually wouldn't put up all of these of the bride, but we got so many cool shots of her in the house we couldn't help but do it!
The super hams - ring bearer and flower girl - I was taking shots of them all day, they were too cute!
Walking back from the river to leave for the reception. You can see the antique car in the background that Jess' parents had rented as a surprise for them. Penn State blue!
Wild Party!
Jared's grandparents were so cute - they danced on and off all night - they were the life of the party!
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