Maureen and Keith - Sat. Oct 14th

Tuesday, October 17, 2006 - Weddings
Can you say SING? That is what our bride from Saturday can do - very well! I am going to preface this wedding post with a little plug for her, so here goes. Maureen is a talented singer from LA that was married to Keith, a hometown PA boy at Lauxmont Farms on Saturday. (Keith has gone LA also, and works for reality television!) Anyway, Maureen even has her own CD out, called Break, and it is so awesome! We downloaded it last evening and listened to the whole thing - I can tell you there isn't a bad song on there! You can purchase it on iTunes or at CD Baby. Also, here is a link to her My Space page if you want to read more about the very talented, Maureen McGinnis! (Her voice can be compared to that of Tori Amos and Fiona Apple - rock on!)

Okay, now on to the wedding! It was an EXTREMELY windy and cold day on Saturday, and the ceremony was outside, as well as the reception (tented with heaters, but still cold). We didn't let that get us down, and we worked with what we had! Keith and Maureen were real troopers and we took them all over the Japanese Gardens area at Lauxmont (which is where their ceremony/reception was) and got some awesome shots. We had some funny experiences, like when we were taking some photos in a field, this deer came out of nowhere, high-tailing it at like 90 miles an hour (exaggeration) and ran right through where we were taking photos at to the wooded area across the field. Keith's brother also turned out to be a VERY talented dancer, and you will see him make an appearance in the photos. We also got to work with one of our favorite DJs, the infamous DJ Freez, and he had the party hopping as usual! We ended the night with Keith and Maureen with a super cool parting shot - thanks for a great day guys!!

I feel like I need to explain this one as I am sure people are thinking, "Why is she putting lipstick on in the grass all alone in front of the tent?" We had just gotten finished with Maureen and Keith's portrait session, and we were getting ready to do some family photos. Maureen needed a little touch up with her lip gloss, so here she is. There were a group of family members and such off to the left of the photo, but Joel just framed it this way when he shot it - cause, well it was just a cute shot!
Ahah! Keith's brother makes his appearance! Boy could he dance, and this was during his second "performance" of the evening. Luckily I was on my toes, had a good eye and fast trigger finger, cause I got him during one of his flying leaps!!
And a beautiful last shot! My very talented husband came up with this idea - as you can see, we got them, the tent and even the stars to show up beautifully in this nighttime shot.

What a great day!
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