Welcome baby Reese!

Thursday, December 20, 2012 - Babies & Kids

Yay another baby to photograph for the next year! Katie and Ryan signed up for a Year in the Life - where we will photograph Reese 5 times over her first year of life. We photographed Katie and Ryan's wedding a few years ago, so we were tickled pink to see them again and have the opportunity to document this next stage of their lives. Reese was a bundle of squirms and wails, but we managed to sneak in some good shots in between the flailing and wailing. :) Nah, really, she was good. She was a sweetie pie, and for some reason preferred hard surfaces like the floor and the table, over her comfy crib or armchair! She was perfectly content when we put her on the rug on the floor, so we got some of our best stuff out of her there. At the end though, you can see by the look she gave Joel (last photo) - that she had had enough! :) See you guys in a couple of months for some more Reese photos!