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Introducing baby Delaney!

Friday, August 24, 2012 - Babies & Kids

Jen and Eric are one of our favorite couples of all time. We photographed their engagement and wedding photos back in 2008, and totally love them! We were so excited when they emailed us and told us they were having a baby - and wanted us to photograph her when she arrived! I love getting to work with our couples again after the wedding. Delaney is a little sweetie pie, and didn't fuss at all until right before the end. She had reached her baby modeling limit! Jen and Eric had the cutest baby room and outfits for her. I'm pleased as punch that we got to shoot all over their house. It was gorgeous!

I love the colors in Delaney's room - yellows, greens and greys.

Oh be jealous. This was too cute.

Yes, that is one of our canvases hanging above the couch from their engagement session - woot!

Ok sometimes our ideas just don't work out. Here, they are offering Delaney up as a sacrifice. NO! I'm just kidding. Joel set this up but Delaney didn't want to have anything to do with it. She was arching her back and trying to move around. Jen and Eric found it hilarious!

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