Baby Moirah with mom and dad in Philadelphia

Sunday, July 17, 2011 - Babies & Kids

On a really hot Friday we traveled to Philadelphia to photograph little Moirah. She was such a sweetheart! Shana and Jason were super patient with us, as Moirah was not liking being out in the hot inferno of the streets. Shana had some ideas of some spots she wanted to go, so we did a little touring around Philly, getting a few shots on their street where their house is, then over in front of City Hall and then finally over to the bridge by South Street. We ended up at a little city park around the corner from their house, and Moirah really liked this as it was shady and there was a cute little white chair sitting in the garden for her to play on. Shana and Jason were fun to chat with and Moirah we just trucked along with us. Thanks for being good sports guys! It sure was a hot one!