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Lennox' backyard fun & his first painting!

Friday, June 24, 2011 - Babies & Kids

Oh that Lennox! Last month we went to Lennox' house for his 3rd session in his Year in the Life. All of his grandparents were there to get in on some photos, and then we had some bubble time! Lennox didn't really know what to make of the bubbles while he sat in the uncomfy grass. I have been around many babies, and I don't know many that like the feeling of grass right away! They always look at it like it is some strange alien that is poking them in the legs and feet. It's too hilarious. After Lennox had some fun in the backyard, we went out front and let him make a really BIG mess. Nicole and Jason thought it would be fun to have him "create" his first painting for us, so he did - with his body! After he made a thorough mess, it was off to the tub to clean up and get ready for a nap. It's always always fun to see what Lennox will do for us next!

Snuggling with grandma and trying to eat her necklace.

And lots of laughs with grandma and grandpa here.

Lennox looks really unsure and perplexed about this thing. :)

I was born awesome! Yes you were Lennox!

Oh yeah, gottta get some of that action going on.


Love the little faux-hawk going on.

Um, what do I do with this stuff?

Ok, I got it now.

Who made THAT mess??

Lennox did!

Time to get clean!

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