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Of course our 1st session of 2011 is the rambunctious Ford!

Thursday, January 20, 2011 - Babies & Kids
I know we just blogged Ford's Halloween session a week or so ago, but that was because we were so far behind with blogging. We are pretty much caught up now, and ta-da! Ford was our first session of 2011 back on Jan 9th, but this was also his last session of his Year in the Life series. So sad! We want more Ford! We want more Ford! I am going to chant it until Ali and Brad call us and schedule more. :) Just kidding, but we do love us some Ford. He looks like such a big boy in these photos, walking around, and being so darn expressive! Ali and Brad moved into a new house a couple months ago, so we ended Ford's year at their huge new house. We also got his cousins in on some of the photos - the best are the crying Steelers sweatshirt photos! We couldn't get them to all stay in the same spot, so we threw them all in the crib. They REALLY didn't like that!

Ali requested that we end the session in their comfy white chair that we had used back in his 1st session we did last year. It was great recreating that set up and having them all end up in bed - just like we did to start it all!
Ta-da! I'm walking now!
...and shopping for my own groceries. Man, mom really puts me to work fast.
Oooh, but I don't LIKE shopping for groceries!
Yeah, I know it is totally evil of us to enjoy kids crying, but this was just too darn hilarious I couldn't stop taking photos.
Ford was ok with it at first, but then saw his cousin crying and he started in too.
So much bigger now than a year ago!
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