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Baby Portrait! Jack, his puffs, & his Turtle

Thursday, May 20, 2010 - Babies & Kids
We have photographed both of Tracey's sisters weddings (Kelly & Greg in 2007 and Randi & Ben in 2008), and Tracey was actually the first to find us, but we were booked for her wedding. Boo. So even though Tracey didn't get to have us photograph her wedding, she has a little guy name Jack that likes to work it for the camera. :) Tracey's sisters bought her a gift certificate for a session with us, so now, she finally gets to have some photos from us!

A couple weeks ago her and Jeff brought little Jack up to see us and we went to the park. The sky was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS that day, and we tried to included it as much as we could. Tracey came prepared, with a whole can of "puffs" for Jack to keep him happy and his turtle ball pit! That's some major props right there. Totally made for some awesome shots though! We were rolling (practically) on the ground laughing at Jack when he threw a tantrum cause we took the puffs away from him. You just have to look at that shot below!

Isn't that sky amazing!?
Oops, spilled the puffs.
Jack's a big boy!
Tantrum time! I hate to say it, but Jack has a pretty big mouth :)
Oh, and a bottle helps too.
Turtle ball pit time - woot!
What's better than swimming in brightly colored plastic balls?
Oh, and don't forget the swing!
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