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Logan and Layla are back in this Kids Portrait Session

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 - Babies & Kids
Can you even believe we are actually, finally caught up with blogging???? How utterly insane is that? I never thought it would happen. We were so backlogged from last fall it took me all winter to catch up! I pledge an oath that I will be extremely diligent about blogging this season - as we are on the cusp of that season, it's starting right now! We have so much exciting stuff coming up this year I can't even stand it. We are having our one year anniversary of the studio (Grand Re-Opening!) on Friday, June 4th, and our 10 year anniversary for the business is in November! More details on those events to come, so keep an eye on the blog and on our Facebook Page for more info. Now...without further ado...heeeerre's Layla and Logan!

You probably remember Layla and Logan from multiple Teeny Weeny Wiebs sessions, as well as the infamous horse session last fall, or even when we first photographed Layla, back before Logan was even an idea! These two are some of our regular little peeps, their mom Crystal just loves having their photos taken. We couldn't be happier! We love seeing our clients on a regular basis. This time around, we are celebrating Layla's 5th birthday and Logan ..well, Logan just getting older! He's getting to be an older baby, with lots of personality. :) Just a "see what we can find for fun" session at their house, we played in Layla and Logan's rooms, then enjoyed the warming weather outside on their farm. I love shooting at their house, they have so many great spots! Check out the trouble these two got into...

We started out with some appropriate St. Patrick's Day attire.
I love this shot in Layla's room.
Jumping on the bed...
Riding her horse...
Logan likes to put stuff in his mouth, and grab his feet. What baby wouldn't?
Another fave I took of Layla - Joel says I have a dead tree "thing". If there is a dead tree to be found, I will find it, and use it to my advantage :)
Logan was intent on grabbing Joel's camera.
See, Joel used the dead tree too!!
Layla needed a drink break :)
And...after Logan spit up on his mommy 4 times during the session (Crystal needed to wear green for work and was running out of green shirts!) - he was down to a onesie on the red couch. He liked being almost naked. And, that he had spit up on his mommy 4 times :)
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