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Katie the 2 Year Old

Thursday, November 13, 2008 - Babies & Kids
You may remember this adorable little toddler from last year - Katie was such an amazing little baby! She is still pretty darn amazing, but this time, we had to work a wee bit harder for our shots. :) 2 year olds are always a bundle of unexpectedness! We played in her toy room, jumped on the chairs, ottomans and sofas downstairs, and zoomed down the slide outside. Katie is pretty into Thomas the Train, and Diesel, one of the trains saved our butts a couple times that day! I borrowed Katie's little wooden Diesel to help get her attention. Mom and dad got in on a bunch of the shots, and helped keep Katie corralled when we needed her to be!

I love when we get to work with little ones over and over again, it is so amazingly wonderful to be able to document a child's growth. I love seeing all of the different stages they go through! Hope to see more of Katie in the future!

Katie started out playing with her cups and kitchen items in her toy room.
Joel grabbed this pretty rad shot of her beaming at us as she ran across the room.
Mustard goes into a sippy cup, right? Katie is making me hungry!
And of course, a break for some milk.
Downstairs, she didn't want to have anything to do with mom and dad kissing her...
Sneak attack!
One thing Katie was loving, was jumping off of the ottoman and having us all cheer and clap for her. She was eating it up!
Hiding in the curtains is ALWAYS a fun thing to do.
Outside, Katie took off...
We played a lot on the slide, and Katie discovered crawling up the WRONG way...sorry guys!
Off she goes...again!
Diesel made several trips down the treacherous slide...
And this was one of the last shots, and I think the story behind it is even funnier than the shot - her mom and dad wanted one last shot of her sitting with them looking at the camera, and Katie, she wouldn't have anything to do with it! She stood there and protested, so, Joel got a shot of the protest. :)
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