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Lily and Family at the Beach - Again!

Thursday, August 28, 2008 - Babies & Kids
We just can't get enough of Lily! I was so excited when Alison, Mike and family decided to do another beach shoot with the whole family. We loved working with these guys last summer, and were excited to get back down to Avalon, NJ to photograph them again! As a bonus, we were also doing an 18 month session for firecracker Lily! The really strange thing, is that the shoot was scheduled for August 7th - the exact same date that we photographed them last year.

So we started out with the whole family at the beach house - and Mike's parents wanted some shots inside the house, which was no problem, as it is a great house to shoot in. We did some different family combinations and then headed bay-side for a few outside shots.

After the family shots were finished up, Mike and Allison changed Lily into a different outfit. We were excited to see her in the fishy dress! We gave this dress to Lily as a gift for her first birthday - we had purchased it at this awesome baby store downtown here in Lancaster, Bella Boo. I LOVE the stuff in there! Allison says Lily loves it, and calls it her "shishy" dress. :)

If you can't tell by the photos below of Lily, she is definitely a spitfire! It's so amazing to see how much they change in just a few short months. Lily went from being fairly stationary for most of her 1st year of shoots - to being a complete race-car on two feet! She was all over the place, and Joel and I had our work cut out for us. :) We definitely got our exercise that day, but certainly managed to get a bunch of cute shots!

Thanks again guys for 2 great sessions!
Lily was giving me some dirty looks. She thought I was going to take that bottle from her. :)
I love this shot of Mike's parents!
I found that Lindsey is Grammy's girl.
All of the kids! Like 2 seconds after Joel grabbed this, Lily took off running!
We had Lily stuck in one spot for a few seconds at least. :)
Lily was showing me her "shishies".
Now that is a look - right there, yep, I know that look. I have seen it from our kids too. The, "You better take that real quick cause I am ready to bolt" look.
Ah the water, finally!
Runnin' free! Yippee!
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