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Elena's Room

Wednesday, March 26, 2008 - Babies & Kids
It's a little ironic that I am making this post, because, well... Elena was not really into having her picture taken by Godzilla at first. Rita definitely had the advantage of the mommy voice and the smiley face. We managed to get a few great expressions out of her for this first shoot in her "Year in the Life" series. Elena's Mommy and Daddy were wedding clients of ours from a few years back so it was so fun to see this next big step in their family building.
We really battled over which shots to blog from this session, because we had so many cute expressions.
I wonder if Elena was watching for me in this shot. "Keep that big guy away from me!"
"Nah, he's cool" :)
How 'bout an impromptu dip in the sink! Yeah, Elena has her own private bathroom, so she was showing it off.
We love this cute shot of the three of them. Can;t wait for the next one guys!
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