Lily at the Farm!

Thursday, November 8, 2007 - Babies & Kids
Over the weekend we had the pleasure to work again with the adorable Lily, for her 4th session of the year. If you haven't been following Lily throughout the year, we have been doing a "Year in the Life" session with her, which includes 5 portrait sessions over the course of her first year.

Lily's parents wanted something fall themed, so we kicked around some ideas and came up with a place that we frequent, the Country Barn Market. We received permission from Jim, the owner, to go wherever we wanted, so we started out in the pumpkin patch and then walked around the farm. Lily was sooo adorable and lively! At about 9 months, she is really full of expressions and was hamming it up for the camera. We had so much fun!

Lily got down and dirty with this shoot and was literally crawling around in the grass and dirt. Luckily her parents are easy-going and just let us do our thing. You can see her knees got pretty dirty in these shots, but no worries, that's why we have mad Photoshop skills! Whatever images Lily's parents order, all of the grass stains will be taken just enjoy these Lilytastic photos!!