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Baby Lily at the beach...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007 - Babies & Kids
So last Tuesday - boy that seems like ages ago! - we went to Avalon, NJ to do Lily's 3rd portrait session - this time at the beach. First I have to apologize to Mike and Allison, Lily's parents, for taking so long to get these photos on the blog. We had a lot going on this past week, and somehow it slipped my mind to get them up. It randomly came across my thoughts last night - I was like, "Oh crap! I forgot to put up Lily's photos on the blog!" Yikes! So I am admitting my mistake, and humbly asking for forgiveness! Sorry guys! Now on to Lily...

Mike's parents have a beach house in Avalon, so while they were vacationing there they wanted to do Lily's 3rd portrait session (we are doing a Year in the Life for Lily, in case you haven't been following the blog all year and you have no idea who Lily is). We also did some family portraits for Mike's sister's family and then Mike's parent's also wanted some photos of the whole gang. We had a busy morning! And, we started at 7 AM! Thank goodness though, because we picked like one of the hottest days of the summer for this session. We had most of the shoots finished by the time it started getting really hot. Anyway, on to the photos - there are some good ones!

******OH YEAH*******

Disclaimer - No babies were harmed in the making of these photographs - promise! You will see what I mean below...

This first one is just too cute - she was enjoying the grass and trying to eat it and pull it out.
Beach baby looking so fine!
Some toys to show off.
Proud mommy and daddy get Lily to smile!
Taking a little break on dad's shoulder.
Whoa! What is that?!?!
Oh boy! Here it comes!
Trashed the baby - yes! (I am sooo just kidding, I had to say it!) Lily was actually a very good sport and even after that huge wave hit her she was still in great spirits!
See!? Dried off and changed into a stylin' outfit she's ready for more modeling...
On to some family shots...we started with Mike's sister and her family - I love this shot of the kids chasing their dog!
I love this shot too! It totally doesn't even look real - it was so hazy out we were able to completely blow out the background, what an adorable family!
Everyone together now, I had some fun showing the different generations...
Here's the whole gang! We found some cool rocks down at the end of the beach...
Then took a swim!!
Baby kisses from grandpa are always great!
And having some fun in the water! Thanks to the entire family, we had such a blast!
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