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All 8 of those grandkids!
Brady, Samantha and fall fun
Miss Ella!
A Bumblebee, a Candy Corn Witch and a Pirate - arrghh!
Bonnets and flowers and Ava!
Cate, Alex and Ben - Slippin' and Slidin'
Collin The Great
Elena in the garden
Fun and fanciful Ava
Elena - Playground and cookies. What could be better?
Ava, Round 2
Maddie, Mitch and Mason + Joel the Jungle Gym!
The Birth of Finlee
Baby Carson and Mr. Octopus
Teri and Shane have a baby! Sweet baby Ava
A very active 2 year old Katherine
Frank and Gianna - 1 and 2 year olds that mean business
Renee, Matt, and Adelynn!
Katie the 2 Year Old
Elena and the Pumpkin Patch
Lily and Family at the Beach - Again!
Elena takes it outside!
Elena's Room
Baby Lily is One!
Lily at the Farm!
Baby Lily at the beach...
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