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San Antonio, Texas: Spanish Missions

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 - Personal

So I mentioned earlier that we didn't get to do too much in San Antonio while we were there - we did have a bout a day and a half to ourselves, the rest of the time we were working. Downtown was packed with Fiesta activities and crowds, so we stayed away from all of that. We don't mind doing that stuff with our kids, but it really isn't our thing when we are alone. Joel and I would rather meander through antique stores (which we did, and antiquing is also VERY different in Texas!), or find something out of the way to photograph. We had been thinking of driving up to Austin to photograph the Cathedral of Junk, but then we heard that they were either tearing it down, or reconstructing (due to code violations) - so we decided to scrap that idea and head for the Missions. The San Antonio Missions National Historical Park is a mouthful to say, but well worth spending the day at. :)

We started out at Mission Concepcion, which was my favorite, because of all of the original artwork inside. It just FELT old. I like old stuff. We have always loved old buildings, warehouses, etc. - the textures and colors are always just amazing to me. The skies were a little cloudy while we were at this Mission (it had thunderstormed pretty bad the day before) but then opened up during the course of our time there to reveal beautiful blue skies with perfectly puffy while clouds.

We proceeded to tour around Mission San Jose, Mission Espada, and Mission San Juan. Each was very different, and all of them are still active Catholic parishes. The history was fascinating.

The images below we printed as fine art prints and hung in our gallery for May's 1st Friday. If you are in the area anytime in the next week, stop in and take a look! The show only be up through May 26th. Oh, and by the way - all of the images below were taken by yours truly :) Joel was playing with his Diana that day, and hasn't had a chance to process the images yet. :)

First shot here is of Mission Concepcion.

Statue of St. Francis outside of Mission Concepcion

Mission Concepcion - look at that sky.

Mission Concepcion

Mission Concepcion - Crucifix in the Sacristy

Mission Concepcion - Fresco in the Sacristy

Yep, that's the actual mailbox - Mission San Jose

Mission San Jose

Mission San Jose

Mission Espada

Statue of Mary, Mission San Juan

Mission San Juan

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