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The Wiebner pack walk in the Tailwagger Trot

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 - Personal
So last Sunday, October 11th we walked in the 20th Annual Humane League Tailwagger Trot. We were so excited to participate! We have been supporters of the Humane League for years, and we adopted 3 of our cats there. This was our first year walking in the Trot, and we raised as a pack, a little over $400! Our goal was $500, but we came up a little short. We were still thrilled that we raised what we did. The day of the trot was perfect, and we all had a lot of fun. Check out the photos of the Wiebner family!

Here's Zaney with our adopted best friend, Icarus the Italian Greyhound.
Here's me and my boys, Haydn and Zane along with Icarus, or "Icky" as we call him for short. :)
Zane petting Bacon, the walk's mascot.
Bacon up close!
The walk started at Clipper Magazine stadium, and Cylo was out having fun with the dogs.
Icarus wasn't too crazy about Cylo petting him!!
How many greyhounds can we get in one photo? Our friends Diana and Jim also have 2 Italian Greyhounds,Lola and Gracie (they are in the one in the purple sweaters) and they walked with us in our pack. While waiting for the walk to start, we saw a gorgeous brindle Greyhound. They all decided it was time to sniff each other!
Just as the walk started down Prince Street - a huge group of motorcycles rode by. There must have been at least a hundred of them!
On our way!
Joel took a pic of all of us...
Finally some grass time at Buchanan Park at the end of the walk.
Refueling with some yummy soft pretzels!
See, Joel was there, he was just behind the camera the whole day. :)
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